2016 Academic Quarters

With the intention of more fully integrating our learning into the life of the Church, Canongate is reviving the beautiful custom of providing religious names to our academic quarters.

Historically most English and Scottish schools up until recently – and Oxford even to this day – divided their academic year into three terms, each with Catholic names: Michaelmas Term, Hilary Term, and Trinity Term.  What great names to mark time!  With the hope of heightening our awareness of the truth that the best learning happens in communion with the saints, we are seeking to adopt the spirit of this tradition at Canongate.  Starting with the 2016-17 academic year, our four quarters, or terms, will correspond to four saints who are also Doctors of the Church.

The first quarter will now go by the name Therese Term, in honor of St. Therese of Lisieux, whose feast day is during first quarter on October 1st. To become more familiar with St. Therese, please visit this link and listen to a 90 second summary of her life.  What a gift this modern saint is to us!

The other quarters will adopt these new names in honor of the following saints, who are also Doctors of the Church:

2nd Quarter: Damascus Term, in honor of St. John Damascene, whose feast day is December 4.

3rd Quarter: Aquinas Term, in honor of St. Thomas Aquinas, whose feast day is January 28.

4th Quarter: Catherine Term, in honor of St. Catherine of Siena, whose feast day is April 29.

We believe these particular Doctors of the Church are very important to the mission of Canongate, Their lives and words deserve sustained attention.  As we order our time around them, they will teach us the truth they defended:

St. Therese of Lisieux: The Little Way to Holiness
St. John of Damascus: Sacramental Imagination
St. Thomas Aquinas: Rational Love
St. Catherine of Siena: Unity in Christ

Of course, every academic year at Canongate–that important time and effort all of us commit to the renewal of authentic Catholic education–is under the patronage of St. Margaret of Scotland, who lived daily to “Behold the Beauty of the Lord,” which in Latin is Ecce Pulchritudo Domini (Canongate’s awesome motto!)

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