3rd Annual St. Joseph’s Guardian Campaign March 19 – May 1, 2021


Lake Keowee

Vacation Raffle

Become a Guardian between March 19th and May 1st, and you will be eligible to win a vacation at this beautiful lake house pictured here.
The drawing will be on Saturday, May 1st. The first 9 to participate will be given 2 raffles tickets to double their chances to win.


Canongate Guardians support the growth of the school with recurring monthly donations. Their faithful giving is instrumental in our efforts to establish Catholic high school education in Western North Carolina for years to come.
To become a Guardian, and to enter this year’s raffle, begin giving $25.00 or more per month.
 If you are already a Guardian, you can participate in the raffle by increasing your monthly giving by at least $25.00.
The easiest way to get started is to set up your recurring donations through the Donate button at the top of this page. You’ll select the “2021 St. Joseph’s Guardian Campaign”, select your amount, select “Recurring”, and push Submit to set up your account.
  All participants, both new and existing Guardians, are strongly encouraged to also email me at canongatehigh@gmail.com or call me at 828.712.8924 to confirm your involvement. This is especially recommended for anyone who wants to participate offline by sending monthly donations by mail. 
Once again, the first nine participants (9 reflecting our upcoming 9th year!) will get two raffle tickets and double their chances to win.
  The donations received through this campaign will be used to create at least 5 scholarships for incoming students next year.  On behalf of these deserving families, I thank you for supporting their decision to attend Canongate.
  Additional details to keep in mind:
1. The particular Lake Keowee house pictured here as the Raffle Prize is Canongate’s recommendation for the ideal family reunion get-away (based on previous use for a school retreat).  If this house becomes unavailable, or is booked, or is not suited to the winner’s needs, Canongate will provide a $1,000 voucher for the winner to select an alternative house at Lake Keowee either through VRBO or Airbnb.
2. If you personally can’t take advantage of the vacation opportunity, consider becoming a Guardian and gifting this vacation to a friend if you win.
3. For this year’s raffle, giving more than $25.00 per month – though much appreciated – does not result in a greater number of raffle tickets.  All contributors will be represented by one ticket (except the first nine as noted above).
 4. Please contact the school office at 828.712.8924 if you have additional questions.
A heart-felt thank you to all Canongate’s friends! St. Joseph, Pray for us.