Fine Arts

9th Drawing I Our goal is to develop accurate, skilled, and imaginative powers of visual expression in students. We begin with formal and controlled studies—first, teaching them to see and to draw what they see. Once these basic skills are established, we practice different media, such as paint, charcoal, pastels, and oil pastels, eventually moving into more interpretive and personal work. (This process is personally guided, to accommodate both those students with prior training and those without.) Students are also familiarized with the great visual artists of history, from the Renaissance through the 20th century.
10th Drawing II
11th Studio Art
12th Advanced Studio Art (elective)
All Years Theatre Theatre is taught one quarter each year—it is a practical artistic class, where students stage a play for performance. On principle, all students are involved, either as performers or in technical positions. Every other year, we take a production to the North Carolina Theatre Conference High School Play Festival.
All Years Music Music is taught three quarters each year—it is a practical class, where students learn to appreciate, perform, and interpret traditional choral music, both sacred and secular. Each year, a Mass setting is among the pieces learned, and the students sing it several times in the liturgy. Throughout the entire year, we regularly have informal folk music “jam sessions.”

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