Located in the heart of North Carolina’s Appalachian Mountains Canongate Catholic High School has a vibrant student body and faculty.  They are engaged in a variety of on and off-campus activities.

Loving life and learning at Canongate

What makes Canongate great? Read some of what our students have to say!   “There’s an emphasis at this school on students becoming more...   Read More

2017 Vintage Canonball

Vintage Canonball & Silent Auction.  The first Canonball was a wonderful success!  Drayton and the Dreamboats put the soul into this vintage night, and...   Read More

Mountain Biking Begins

Pre-season meeting February 4th

Canongate Wins NCTC Theatre Conference

This past weekend Canongate accomplished what no one would have predicted.  Our entire school of seventeen students not only performed at the North Carolina...   Read More

Nashville bound!

The morning pile-in began as expected. We sorted ourselves between the two vans, coughing, laughing, and chatting as we rolled away from the school,...   Read More

Gathering of the Guardians

You are invited to come and experience Canongate first hand.  Don’t miss this opportunity to see how your support is changing the lives of...   Read More

2016 Academic Quarters

With the intention of more fully integrating our learning into the life of the Church, Canongate is reviving the beautiful custom of providing religious names...   Read More

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