Tri-City Road-trip Retreat

September 7, 2018 to September 9, 2018
Canongate’s sixth year begins on the road. And our ultimate destination is the Holy Name of Jesus.  Literally!  On our final day, we will arrive in our state’s capital to worship in the beautiful new Cathedral near downtown.  May our entire academic year be a reflection of this quest to find our rest in the house of our Lord.
And on the way, let’s “dig our roots” at the NC Folk Festival in Greensboro, celebrating homegrown artistic talent and enjoying folk music from all around the world.
But our first stop is Charlotte, to visit the 2018 Eucharistic Congress and hear best-selling author Trent Horn speak on the strategies for defending our personal faith.  In these challenging times to live the Christian faith, we’re thankful to the diocese of Charlotte for hosting this encouraging Congress at the start of the school year.

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