Loving life and learning at Canongate

What makes Canongate great? Read some of what our students have to say!
  •   “There’s an emphasis at this school on students becoming more creative, which I really like.” Yamilhet Hernandez, Class of 2020.
  • “I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started or if I’d like it, but I found that everyone is so open and friendly.  And I appreciate that there is structure, but not too much.  I like all the things we do in addition to the academics.” Dana Jakubielski, Class of 2020
  • “Canongate is so different than every other school I’ve been to, and it is so much better for me.” Braeden Owens, Class of 2022
  • “Everyone tries to get along with everyone else, and I really appreciate that.  I also like the classical education here.  It is the reason that I wanted to come.” Catriona McKeon, Class of 2021

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